Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is 'that' day

You've probably heard me talk about this before: The day when you wake up and find that overnight everything turned green. I love that day. Last night rained during the wee-morning hours, and this morning all the trees buds have opened & my very first flowers of the season are blooming. The daffodils. I've never done daffs before, and I like them. Planted the bulbs last fall by the front door. On my walks I've been watching all the bulbs in the neighborhood open up, but our lot is situated in a way where stuff blooms/sprouts about a week later than the main road. Finally, some flowers. the tulips may open by tomorrow. So excited. And the peonies are growing so fast I bet I could have seen it happen had I been watching. They must have picked up 5 inches in two days. That's fast. Soon to bloom, I'm sure. The ground, and everything else, is really wet, so we won't be out in the backyard until late afternoon. Yesterday was the stay-off-the-lawn fetilizer day, and today it's too wet for the boys. Kills me to not know what is growing out there two days in a row. I am such a geek.

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