Monday, April 23, 2007

My Gardening Buddy

Hunter spent over an hour outside gardening with me while Ben was napping. The ground was pretty wet, but I just let him get dirty. Really dirty. He caked his jeans in grass stains and mud from crawling. He had dirt and wet sand between his toes & all over his hands & face. I had to change his pants when we got inside.
He crawled behind me as I moved from place to place. He walked until he hit bumps in the grass. He found a red ball in the sandbox and threw it to me a few times & even tried put in my hands when I asked him to. Check out the tired hug he gave me before we came inside. I must have pooped him out b/c he slept through our whole hour long walk this afternoon.
I divided some more perrenials (sedum, phlox, and coneflowers). I pulled some pretty monster sized weeds that were growing along the flower bed edges.
The highlight of my adventure was finding a coneflower growing in my compost pile. Love when that stuff happens! I'ts only 2 inches tall. I have orange meadowbrite, hope pink, ruby, pink, and white coneflowers in my garden, so I don't know what color this one will turn up as... but I moved it to a more sightly location in a corner of the vegatable garden.
Excitedly, I found another foxglove! I thought only one had survived the winter, but I found one growing in a corner of the vegetable bed. I must have transplanted it in the fall? I HAVE to start labeling things. I rely on my memory, my sketch book, and research to figure out what is what.
Why is it important to know what is what? I need to know how to care for the plant, so I don't kill it. I have rarely ever killed a plant. Two white climbing roses I bought on clearance have perished at my care. And my tree named "tree," a lovely huge norfolk pine I brought from California in the back seat of our car died. It's offspring is still alive and flourishing in our bedroom though.
I am just so excited about this gardening season. I have divided so many plants and put in so many new things last summer. I am growing some varieties that are new to me from seed. I have bee balm . I feel like this year things may begin to look more mature. I can't wait to fill vases everyday. Sorry for talking way too much about the garden.

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Leena said...

I am totally gonna need your advice when I move to some land of my own and start my garden. Maybe I will just hire you to be my professional gardener! I just bought my second plant, Steve, the thyme plant. The lady at the market said thyme is very hardy, doesn't need a lot of light or water, which to me says it is a leena-proof plant! I'm pretty stoked, I just hope Tom the chive plant doesn't get jealous.
Hunter is getting so big! Every time I see pictures of him, he looks more like Ben every day. Your blog is like my treat at the beginning of every day. Its the last one I read out of all my blogs, and I even look away from the screen as I scroll down it so I don't ruin it by looking at the pictures before I've read the blog. Does that make me dorky? Hope so:) Miss you!