Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bird Activity

We're under winter storm watch, so I made sure to fill up all the feeders. I put out a new one, too. I read sometimes the hummingbirds come as early as March, so I set one of my hummingbird feeders up, as well. The kids are both sick, so I spent all day in the window, on the chair or sofa with them.

So first thing this morning I had two different and interesting birds out at the feeders. As I focused my lens the birdies scattered. Why? This thing here paid a visit. Cute, I know, but a bird deterrent for sure.

I scared the squirrel away by banging on the window, and these birds showed up. EDITOR'S NOTE: I think these are starlings. What do you think?

This little black and white bird below had a partner, and they seemed to be looking for a home. They scoped out two of my birdhouses. I hope they move in, they are pretty. Very fast and hard to photograph. EDITOR'S NOTE: I think this is a Black-Capped Chickadee. I love being an amatuer at hobbies. Knowledge acquisition is so fulfilling!
This little guy scared away some of the birds. The chipmunks have holes all around our tree up front. Not good, b/c the ground beneath can be compromised & the plants can get damaged. Cracks me up how they actually get in the gazebo.

This one looks like a sparrow, but the chest had a powder blue hue to it? I'll look em up, too.

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