Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New favorite comfort.

This time of year I savor the cold days where I can leave the windows cracked, and feel the cool breeze. I love bundling up with some cozy clothes and mocassins to knit the day away (of course, after I clean and take care of the family). Hubby calls me a "frumpus," and I think that's adorable. This week I found my new favorite sweater for those frumpy days.  The husband needed some stuff from Cabela's, and this
jumped in the cart (along with a much-needed new pair for hiking boots on clearance for $23- picture to come). The sweater, which I pinned a link to here, comes in a couple colors, including black. It was on sale for about half off, too.

Wearing this sweater feels like I'm wrapped in a blanket. What could be better? Happy, happy autumn. And even happier frumping.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hooray! Sale Time!!

I just made my 250th sale on Etsy, and in honor of this milestone I'm having a 25% off sale from now through Friday at midnight! There are items in my shop as low as $6 and $9, so go get some seriously discounted hand made goodies! Go visit my shop here: Jamie Sierra Knits

Enter coupon code: 250sales

Well, I certainly haven't been running around naked.

I just have not been taking the time to upload what I am wearing! And why am I doing this anyway? This is a desperate attempt for me to feel less like a mom in jammies, or a gardener in paint clothes, and more like a woman with a wardobe on a pretty serious budget. My style is absolutly comfort driven- if I am not comfortable, I'm not wearing it. And me posting pictures of what I am wearing is my way of going to work with a purpose... even is my living room is my office.
Last week I paired my favorite navy blue long sleeve tee with a bright apple green crochet sweater ($6 on clearance from jc penney this summer). I pulled out this huge stone pendant I've had since college and paired the whole thing with my comfy jeans. I felt good enough to answer the front door, walk the dogs, and go to the grocery store.
This Sunday for church I pulled out my very first pair or colored jeans-ever. They are forest green (kohls plus size, with coupon and sale, around $16), and I paired them with a paisley print from target (plus size, $21). Loafers are from goodwill- leather, $6. And my favorite old giant stone pendant.
Off to the apple farm this last Friday. I pulled out another one of the my lightweight crochet sweaters(also $6 on clearance at kohls this summer), and put it over my favorite color green shirt (had it for years, from maurice's clearance rack- probably $7 or less). But my new very favorite thing? This orange floral scarf from Kohls (on sale, $14). Why am I buying a scarf when that's what I make? I could not find this fabric anywhere, and was not willing to pass it up. It is my new favorite thing.

 Ta Da!