Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New favorite comfort.

This time of year I savor the cold days where I can leave the windows cracked, and feel the cool breeze. I love bundling up with some cozy clothes and mocassins to knit the day away (of course, after I clean and take care of the family). Hubby calls me a "frumpus," and I think that's adorable. This week I found my new favorite sweater for those frumpy days.  The husband needed some stuff from Cabela's, and this
jumped in the cart (along with a much-needed new pair for hiking boots on clearance for $23- picture to come). The sweater, which I pinned a link to here, comes in a couple colors, including black. It was on sale for about half off, too.

Wearing this sweater feels like I'm wrapped in a blanket. What could be better? Happy, happy autumn. And even happier frumping.

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gina said...

I need that sweater in my life!!!