Friday, December 19, 2008

Ben this December

Ben's school learned about the letter H earlier this month by brining in a favorite hat. Here's Ben's hat.

This is Ben's Wall-E tree... free with the purchase of the movie, which Santa is brining him later this month.

Ben's art work. This is a school bus.

This is Ben's firetruck drawing.

Ben in a box.

Love this wild kid!

Decor and Snow...

Starting each year on Thanksgiving weekend I deck the halls. Sure, it takes me weeks, but the festivity of Christmas is pretty important to me. One night, I actually got the whole house cleaned up, and decorated. Of course, as you may have guessed, it did not last. Here's our festive home:

Paperwhites blooming one month too early. LOL. I went out and planted more, and they look like they may bloom one month late. At this point I'll take whatever blooms I can get.

The snwo came shortly after Thanksgiving, and hasn't left yet.

Hunter in his too small Santa hat is just as festive as his surroundings.
'Tis the season!

Thanksgiving weekend.

During our after Thanksgiving shopping Alyssa and I found matching pajamas we had to have. We came home, and decorated the Christmas tree with glittery goodness.

TaDa! And it's not even half way done.

Theo and Hunter napped in the chair.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Theo and Jason went to Minnesota to see the Bear's play the Vikings. The game turned into an all-out slaughter, but these two still had a good time. They said Hester was even faster in real life. And Alyssa loved that the boys dressed like twins:
Really though, once we pointed out that they were twins, the let us take a picture, and Theo promptly changed his jacket. Ha!
That same week I was so excited to open up an issue of Better Homes and Gardens and find a recipe for Chai Spice Girls, "move over gingerbread men". I know Alyssa loves Chai spice, and so does Theo, so this recipe went from the page to reality pretty quickly in our house. Alyssa and I promptly went out to get a gingerbread girl shaped cookie cutter (Michaels had one). Alyssa made the dough, and the boys and I helped her make the cookies.
Alyssa found these adorable Elf aprons fro $3 at Kmart when we were out shopping the sales. How cute are these?

Much more to come, as always.

Thanksgiving at home, too.

Even though we had a super delicious meal at my aunt and uncle's house on Thanksgiving day, we decided to make another meal at home for the sake of leftovers. So, on Saturday after Thanksgiving we made this huge meal: Theo made the turkey, yams, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes while Alyssa and I hit the after Thanksgiving sales, and I made the stuffing and stuffed mushrooms. All in all, delicousness that lasted a few days for us!
Not the best shot of Theo, but definately shows how unpretentious our meal was.

The boys danced while we ate. Theo put on some wild music, and they just got down.
Jason and Alyssa chow.
Me, with my Spotted Cow, a locally brewed beer I love.
After bathtime, before bed... Hunter's wild hairdo, in need of a haircut.


Here are our pictures from Thanksgiving this year; we went down to my aunt and uncle's in the southern Chicago suburbs, and enjoyed a hearty meal and good company.

Hunter's very best tantrum face, even on Thanksgiving.
A second later, happiness is back.

Wild man.
Mischief man.

Ben spent some quiet time setting up his battle scene.


Theo and I:

Dinner plate, ala Uncle Kevin, who may or may not have had too much wine by the time we ate. Hehe.

Eat time.
Hunter chows.

Before the Triptiphan kicks in, the wiggles are wiggled out.

Alyssa goes in for dessert, including my very first Chocolate Pecan Pie creation, and my delicious pumpkin apple spice bars.
Later that night, as Theo begins to get a bit toasted, we mock his insane eyebrows.
See how long they are... and he won't let me trim em'. I'm not saying I'd ever pluck him, b/c I like my men rouhg around the edges for certain, but he could use a trim. Someday, when we're old, he won't be able to see, I'm sure.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone... even though Christmas is in 4 days.