Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caramel Apples

Before we went on our walk through the woods I made some "homemade" caramel apples. I didn't make the caramel, but I bought it and melted it myself. :) I love caramel apples. Like, they rank somewhere around chocolate, and I get frazzled enough when I think about them to start a sentence with "like," so that's huge. We went to a local apple farm to get the apples; I selected Cortland, my favorite for caramel apples b/c they're just the right combo or tart and sweet, and very crisp. I also bought a bag of Jonagold, and made a few of those, too.

I topped them with a few leftover fall leaf sprinkles.
And after a walk in the wood while the caramel hardened, we chowed:

Ben does not like to get messy when he eats, so he ate his with no hands, after I cut it up for him.
You can see where Ben gets it, I carefully take a bite of my cut-up apple, too.
On the other hand, little man likes to dig in, licking all the caramel off as though he were eating a lolipop.

Yum, yum, get ya some.

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