Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are our pictures from Thanksgiving this year; we went down to my aunt and uncle's in the southern Chicago suburbs, and enjoyed a hearty meal and good company.

Hunter's very best tantrum face, even on Thanksgiving.
A second later, happiness is back.

Wild man.
Mischief man.

Ben spent some quiet time setting up his battle scene.


Theo and I:

Dinner plate, ala Uncle Kevin, who may or may not have had too much wine by the time we ate. Hehe.

Eat time.
Hunter chows.

Before the Triptiphan kicks in, the wiggles are wiggled out.

Alyssa goes in for dessert, including my very first Chocolate Pecan Pie creation, and my delicious pumpkin apple spice bars.
Later that night, as Theo begins to get a bit toasted, we mock his insane eyebrows.
See how long they are... and he won't let me trim em'. I'm not saying I'd ever pluck him, b/c I like my men rouhg around the edges for certain, but he could use a trim. Someday, when we're old, he won't be able to see, I'm sure.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone... even though Christmas is in 4 days.

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