Friday, December 19, 2008

The Boy's Christmas Tree

As soon as I began bringing out the Christmas decorations Ben asked me to put some in his room. I ran out one evening and found a great looking little tree at Hobby Lobby for $13.99, and was able to cover it in lights, ornaments, and garland for only a few bucks with the mini-tree ornaments they had there. I brought the tree home late in the evening, but I couldn't resist giving it to the boys to trim right away. They had already had baths, and were in their jammies headed off to bed. The result was two pretty crabby little men trying to keep it together. The resulting pictures are pretty terrible, also. But, still it's a story I'd like to share.

I decided on a Gingerbread theme for the boys. Many of the themes of ornaments the had at Hobby Lobby were boyish, like sports, and even camolauge, but they all looked like chokin hazards for Hunter. The Gingerbread stuff seemed the least threatening, and the boys love Gingy from Shrek; also, they both associate Gingerbread people with Grandma Anita b/c she has them on T-shirts, and always tells Ben how much she loves them. Hunter couldn't get past the fact that the ornaments were not edible.
You can see Hunter's beginning to tantrum over which ornaments Ben's putting up, etc.

Full-on meltdown ensued.

Ben worked diligently, despite Hunter's cries.
Cute, huh?

After we got the boys on their wway up the stairs I stole one picture of the tree, and then acrried it up stairs. The tree sits on the boy's dresser in their room now.

So begins the merry Christmas season!

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