Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Party in San Pedro

On the last Friday night of our trip to California my mom had a going away party for my brother and Alyssa. The whole family came over to eat and play. We had a great time. Here, my mom and grandma and I walked around the garden talking about roses and other plants.

I met Alyssa's mom for the first time, spraking a great friendship. She's a very cool lady. :)
Grandpa and Jason:

The whole party:

Hunter played in his water table:
Theo shows off his now-grown in chops. :)

Jason, my handsome brother:

More Hunter Joe; he's posing for Uncle Jason's camera phone:

Grandpa looking stern.
Play time in the sandbox. Brandy walks by:
Party goodness.

Jason loves his grandma. Doesn't she tak stunning pictures? Still so beautiful.
The view from mom's patio, almost at dusk.

Cousin Julie love.
Devil child.
Aw... Grandma sports my hoodie, and loves her little Jason.
Theo and the view.
Ha! Grandpa is wearing my hoodie, too. LOL. Isn't this funny?

The beautiful couple about to journey off into the next chapter of their lives.

Momma and her baby boy.
Inside, the sugar and possibly alcohol, kick in. Mayhem ensues. Cousin Julie is attacked.
Brandy coaxes grandma into play time.
The boys go wild!
Aww... grandma is going to miss Jason so much!
Julie is so good with the little guys.
Here Jason and Alyssa posing with their goodbye cake.
I swear, I'm almost done posting pictures from the vacation. LOL. One more day, and the drive home coming.

Friday, September 19, 2008


For the record, this is where Theo slept. Here, the kids are waking him up. Haha. No sleep for you!

My husband, drunk.

After watching the sunset we met up my cousins, my brother and his girlfriend Alyssa, and went out to eat Sushi. Some of us had some drinks, and a little food, and then dessert, too. We took a few pictures at Ra, the sushi place we went to first:

Theo and I don't get to go out at night ever. We have the kids in bed upstairs, and are relegated to our home after dark most of the time. We also never drink. I mean, until recently, we never bought beer or anything. This night was all about Theo getting drunk. He's a young, college-aged man, who needed to drink. I can understand that. I, on the other hand, have a glass of wine, and I'm ready for a nap. After we've only been at Ra for a little whole, Theo already looks trashed?

I wanted some American dessert, causing us to venture next door. Then, when we arrived, I ordered nachos. We had this creepy waiter who was crushing on my brother Jason. He announced, "I like you," to him quietly, when he approached our table. The guy was just socially inept, no good if your a waiter, right? Didn't get creepy waiter's picture, but here's Theo drinking a fishbowl long island ice tea.

Waiting outside for everyone to go, Me, my brother, and Julie.

Afterward we went to Jenny and Julie's house.

Jenny played bartender in the kitchen, and they all laughed. I was so tired, I was laying on the sofa trying to sleep.

Jenny offered to make us vegetarian Tater Tots. Oh how hard we laughed at this.
Jason video-taped Theo acting like a drunk idiot.

Theo shared a popsicle with Oso, my aunt's dog.

I'm an old woman now, and I could barely stay awake. I think this group would have ended up a club or party if I had not been such a pooper.

Theo blissfully drunk.

He went through Julie's whole purse...

And everyone just watched, recorded him, was entertained by him. He loved the attention.

Theo hugging my aunt and uncle's liquor supply.
The best part, and I can't even believe I'm posting this picture, was when we got home. Jason was the designated driver, and he brought us back to my mom's house late that night. Theo marched right into the house, took off his shirt, woke up my mom, who was sleeping on the couch, and sat beside her. My poor mom was half awake, and finds drunk-ass Theo sitting shirtless beside her, saying, "I love you, mommy!" and various other things. This was sooooooooo funny. You should have seen her face. I know, my mom's going to say, "Why did you post that horrible picture of me?" Trust me, mom, nobody is looking at you in this one. LOL!