Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moonstone Beach

We drove around one of the few residential neighborhoods in town on our way to find dinner. These deer just walked right up in front of our car. In between houses, right on the ocean (behind us in the car). Never seen anything quite like it.

They even bedded down in the grass beside some of the houses.
We decided to eat at this bar and grill right on the water, outside, in the cool breeze.
The view from the restaurant.

The beach was across the street, so we went for a walk.
Here we are, strolling on the beach after dinner. Sigh.

I love how sand textures vary from beach to beach. When I was in Hawaii in 1998 I found the sand to made of tiny little whole shell shapes on parts of the North Shore of Honolulu. Here, it was tiny rocks, larger than most sand I've seen. I guess it matters what dynamics the water goes up against and how much foot traffic the beach sees.

Waves. So soothing.

Theo always finds giant sea weed. On our honeymoon he found the largest piece of it I had ever seen. Silly.
I guess we almost didn't know what to do in the quiet. ;)
We sat up on this rock and let the salty air hit us.

Before we went back up the lodge we walked a little bit more in town. We got Theo some wine from a basic liquor store, and walked past the restaurant we ate in on our honeymoon. It was raining and cold the night of our honeymoon and this romantic, cozy restaurant served up some warm soup and wine. It was dreamy. It's rated the most romantic restaurant in the area, and I had no idea when we ate there. We wanted to try something different this time, and we liked the bar and grill we chose. I took almost no pictures on our honeymoon, so I made sure to take tons this time.
We took a picture by the saloon we'd had a drink in earlier that day.
And I found this agapanthus by a small store/cafe, and had to take a picture. This grew on my back porch when I was a little kid, and I loved it. In fact, my favorite color then was lavendar, and I'm pretty sure it's because of these flowers. They aren't hardy in WI, but I have an agapanthus plant I split from one of my grandmother's plants in California. I've only had it a year, and it has yet to bloom here. I am patient, though.

Back up the hill to our lodge... more to come.

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