Sunday, September 7, 2008

Disneyland Again! Yipee!

You simply can't go to Southern California with kids and not see Disneyland, again. I have been there dozens and dozens of time, and my now 2-3 and year old Wisconsin kids can say this is their second trip. Spoiled. The whole lot of us.
The first thing we did when we arrived at Disneyland was ride the train around the park.

As soon as we got off the train we ran to meet this charming Goofy fellow:
Welcome to Main St. USA:

Then Uncle Jason and Daddy took the boys up in the treehouse:

Yeah, you can tell which one's mom here in this picture. I dressed to chase the kids, comfort first. Not cutes.

Next, Pirates of the Carribean, no pictures, and then a turn on the Pooh Bear ride:

In case you haven't been on it, it ends all trippy like this, where Pooh's dreaming about honey and heffelumps.

Then you get to meet Pooh!

And Eeyore!!!

Off to Treasure Island!!

This guy tried to recruit Hunter:

Tons of caves, bridges, and tunnels to traverse through on the island.

They're part of the treasure, they said.
The petting zoo:

This cabin is in the petting zoo.

The Dumbo ride. Hunter could not make it, and he fell asleep in Jenny's arms, who passed hi to Julie when her arms were tired. This cracks me up, mom's in training:
Meanwhile my husband and brother posed in their annual random-ass photo (last year it was a pink teacup).
The dumbo people would not let Hunter ride sleeping, duh, so he slept in dad's arms for some time after the long wait in line.

Storybook land ride:

Toontown, Mickey's house:

Outside in toontown:

The Buzzlightyear Ride involves shooting at targets. I won!

Aww.... they missed Jenny and Julie when they went on a ride without them.
Waiting for the parade:

The parade!!!

The castle at sunset:
While I ran around main street taking pictures of cool stuff, the rest of the group ate ice cream in an old fashioned parlor. Here'e a mix of my shots and some of the family eating.

Took these through the window:

Then, I went in and took these:

Horsing around on the way to the tram that takes us to our car:

A little wildness on the tram ride back to the cars.
Thank you again, Grandma, for a wonderful day at Disneyland!

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