Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Schools

Pretty much all the worrying I did about moving to Minnesota was a waste of time. Sure, I miss our home, and my garden, and a lot of other things about Wisconsin, but with a little bit of effort I have been able to accept the fact that we had to a deed in lieu of foreclosure on our house. In fact, pending all future landlords overlook our poopy credit (thanks, economy!), I am okay with renting until Theo retires in about 12-13 years.

One of my biggest worries was the kids having to change schools. Outside of the normal transitions from grade to middle, etc, I changed schools once, moving from California and Illinois. I am pretty sure I still bear the scars of the culture shock. Ha! But seriously, Ben had made great friends with his kindergarten class of 4 students, and Hunter was looking forward to going to Kindergarten with his friends from preschool. I also had fallen in love with the school both boys would be in.

But here we are, into midterm report cards in Minnesota, and we are so well adjusted. The kids both love their school. We transferred our church membership and stayed in the same synod, and therefore were able to keep the kids in a Lutheran school. Ben got his first report card this week, and he got straight A's. He's loving first grade. He has lots of friends, and has his first forensics night coming up. I am so stoked that the school requires even first graders to get up and read a story! Ben has been practicing great.

Hunter has also bee enjoying his class. I think a change of scenery has helped make this 3rd year of preschool more fun for him. He goes two days a week for about 4 hours. He loves that sometimes he gets to see his brother. He fits in size and maturity wise well, helping me feel good about my decision to keep him from starting kindergarten this year.

I also love the teachers, the office staff, the school, the people. It really feels like we fit. My very favorite part of it all? Ben's bus picks him up at the front door, and drops him off there. I don't like driving at all, and this saves me an hour of driving a day! (The school is 20-25 minutes away).

Because I finally have a computer in my home again, I decided to unload the camera and share some real photos of their first day of school last month. Hunter started about a week after Ben. Here they both are, in front of the Castor Beans I have growing in the driveway, on Hunter's first day.

Here is Ben.

Ben is absolutely obsessed with having his own locker! So much so that he coaxed Grandma into getting him lockers at home, too!

Hope you are all having a great school year!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Hunter and I can't stop laughing at School Bus the cat this morning.