Thursday, October 30, 2008

A December Daily Album

I am so endlessly inspired by one of the Creative Editors for Creating Keepsakes Magazine, Ali Edwards. Her scrapbook style speaks to me, begs me to get to work on project after project. I first found her art in 2004, before her first book was out, before she was an creative editor, and have been a loyal fan ever since. I have to be clear: I do not know this woman personally, she's a scrapbook celebrity. I've left much less than a dozen comments on her blog, and have never heard a word of response from her; I don't even mind. I think everyone, when they find Ali's work, feel like I did. Eureka!! She sometimes gets upwards of 2000 comments on a single post! Nevertheless, I can't recommend her enough to those of you who scrapbook, (or just blog, because her blog is genious, too). She lends her talent, time, skill, and heart to her followers, and it's humbling.
Last year she published the makings of a blank album called the "December Daily" in her column in CK; she then posted the step-by-step process on her blog so everyone could make a similmar momento. I loved the idea, but read it well after December 1st; I decided to do the project this year and began collecting goodies for it sometime last December. Hehe.
She's doing the project again this year also, and has been blogging about it lately. I picked up my supplies this week and was pleased-as-a-Christmas-pickle to find her starting her project at the same time. Nothing like a little inspiration from the master.
I spent a few hours each of the last 3 days on the project. When, with two small kids, do I find time to scrapbook? When they nap, when they go to bed at night (7pm right now, thanks to the earlier sunsets). When they play... all the time .
I completed the framework for my album last night. I am so proud of it I almost slept with it on my pillow. I wish I was kidding. For our family, the significance of this December is greater than normal b/c of Theo's upcoming departure. The daily, the mundane, and the significant holiday traditions we have established as a family need to be documented now more than ever. I am thankful to be in the creative spirit. It's frightening how bad I need to create right now. I'm cranking out cards and pictures and journaling. I've run out of the adhesive, folks!
I wanted to share my December Daily album with you all. I love the textures, colors, and the overall vibe it's putting out, and I can't wait to bulk it up even more with photos, notes, and ephermera from our month. For now, it'll rest on my shelf, and I'll be starting another project.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I scrapped and I'm sharing it.

You may have wondered, does that chickadee still scrapbook at all? Absolutely. All-the-time. There was a time when I shared my scrap pages with you on the blog regularly. Lately, I still scrap as much as always, but I don't take the time to scan the page and upload it to the blog. With gardening season waning, I've been back in the scrapbook room even more--as often as possible.

Right now, I'm working on Hunter's album from age 1-2, Ben's album from all of 2007, and our family album from 2007. I am still using the 8.5 x 11 format, and loving it. I've committed to not buying any new paper until I seriously deplete my enormous stash. Also, I've been using glitter as often as I can with 3 boys to scrapbook. I've decided this project from Ali Edward's Blog is my next undertaking. Ali is a a creative editor for Creating Keepsake Magazine, and while I do not know her personally, I'm consistently, deeply inspired by her Life Art. I recommend all of her books, too, BTW. I love the idea of a week-in-the-life as a way for the kids to remember how much dad is a part of our daily lives, even after he's left. I'll start documenting/photographing for this album in the next week or so. The kids have already shown they love looking through scrapbooks; it has already helped them to remember the family and friends in Peoria and California. We'll also be making videos, and laminated picture of dad in the weeks to come.
**Theo leaves shortly after Christmas, if any of you want to see him before then, start planning/contacting us now. Once he's gone I can give you info if you'd like to send him cards/goodies.

In other scrapbooking news: a few weeks ago I went to my very first crop (scrapbooking party) using the nice-ass tote that Theo bought me for Mother's Day. He thought of the tote idea all by himself, and encouraged me to use for going to scrapbook classes while he watches the kids, which, I'm pretty sure, makes him one of the best hubby's on the planet. Ben's teacher hosted the party. Turns out she's a demonstrator for Stampin' Up. I learned some awesome new techniques and came home with a catalog full of goodies to buy, like this scallop punch, I'm dying to have! Later. Like after Christmas.
Some of my recent creations follow. As always, you can click on the image to make it larger, so you can read the journaling and see the details.

Halloween Trick or Treating , Family Album 2007:

Winter Play, Family Album 2007

Winter Play, Family Album 2007

Us, Family Vacation Album, 2007

Ben's Album, 2007.

Hunter's Album, Age 1-2
Hunter's Album, Age 1-2.
Thanks for peeking at my creations. I hope I inspired you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008