Friday, October 17, 2008

A quick date.

As you all know Theo is preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan. All of this month he is training up in Northern WI, and here at home we're getting a taste of what life will be like with Theo away. Fortunately we have my brother living with us, giving the boys a nice male rolemodel and playmate, and giving me much needed help and companionship. Thank you, Jason!!!!

One night Theo was able to escape his training and come home for a few hours. He decided we needed a date night, so Jason watched the boys while we went out to eat, and did some birthday shopping for Benjamin. Before Theo and I left for our date we had Jason take our picture:

The kids hopped into the picture, and surprisingly, look at the camera:

I had Theo snap this shot before we left. Our sign had just arrived:

And in the car, I felt sassy. I bought a straight iron, and that day I had some fun with it. I took this self-portrait. I'm such a dork.

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