Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

After a nice long day with our family in Chicago we headed to a local pumpkin patch for some fall fun. Both my brother Jason and I both visited this place when we were living in the area (94-97).

There are tons of animated displays to entertain you as you walk around. This skeleton talks, and his old shell of a car smokes up a storm.

And this guy revomits green fluid over and over. I got splashed.
There are gouls and goblins on many of the benches, too.

Piles and piles of pumpkins.

This is so me, LOL. I wish I did have a chicken.

Uncle and Hunter.

A Tigg-ee-Pooh, as Hunter calls Tigger.

More animated displays.

These are rabbit houses. Random, but cute.

Perhaps the best part of the afternoon was the pig races. Before each race the pig caretaker asks the kids to volunteer to be pig rooters, and cheer on the pigs. One kid was picked to root for each pig racing, and if your pig wins you get a ribbon. Ben and Hunter were hopping up and down screaming asking to be picked as pig rooters.

For the last race the pigs' caretaker announced he needed bigger pig rooter b/c the pigs were bigger. In fact, he said your mom or dad needs to have a pot belly like his. I immediately told Ben, tell the guy you have two big bellied guys who can root for the pigs. Ben jumped out in front of the crowd and yelled as loud as he could, over and over, "I have two!!" He pointed at Dad, and Uncle. The smart-ass pig guy said, "Smart kid, he didn't include mom." We laughed so hard. Ben won, and Dad was chosen at pig rooter for big pig #1 in the 4th race.

Here's dad watching the pigs.

And here are the big pigs in race #4.

Our #1 pig did not win the race. In fact, he just barely made it around the track--no joke! They moved really, really slow.

Hunter on the wagon ride.

A family picture on the wagon ride.

Ben leads us through the corn maze.


More wild displays.

Aunt Diane bought the kids a few goodies in the gift shop.

We also spent some time in the peeting zoo.

It;s just a bad angle, this cow is not eating Hunter's hand.

This was the Moulin Rouge for chickens.

Devil horns, simply suitable.

I can't wait to scrapbook these shots, for sure!!

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