Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Infinity And Beyond!

My littlest bear is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. He has the plastic figurines, a Buzz zapper gun, he knows all the phrases, and he recites the movies. He often sleeps with his little stuffed Woody and Buzz. His grandma Anita knows how much he loves Buzz, and decided the very best birthday present for Hunter would be a Buzz costume. In her part of southern California they have a year round Halloween store; she promptly found the costume and gloves, and Tony picked up the wings. The items were all packaged up and sent to Hunter this week; they arrived today, 4 days before his birthday, but Grandma insisted Hunter be allowed to open the box.

He immediately began ripping the packing paper off the box, tore through the Sponge Bob wrapping paper, and finding his costume. I had the camera ready and Grandma listened-in on the phone.
Ta da!
He romped around the house in his costume.

Later he asked to put it back on, "Mama, I want to play Buzz in the sunny." He went right for the swing and shouted, "To infinity and beyond!"

Trying out the wings...
Even though his head's cut off, I love this shot.

Ben came home from school to find Hunter in the costume on the sidewalk with me. Ha! In the backyard Ben came up with the idea to need rescueing from the great Buzz Lightyear.
Hunter says, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!"

You can't measure this kind of joy.

Buzz goes down the slide.

He spins free as a bird around the yard.
My little man is the cutest Buzz Lightyear ever!
Happy Birthday, Hunter Joe.