Monday, April 28, 2008

Playdoh Man

The other morning Ben was playing with Play-Doh. He was quiet and content, until he came to show me something. "Look mom," he says, "I made a man!" I got in for a closer look, and he sure did make a man... with arms, legs, a head, hair, and a giant penis. LOL! I asked him about the man, and when I noticed the penis, I asked, "What's this?" "His penis, mom." Duh.

It fell off and he reattached it flat before I could snap this picture. Anyway, you get the drift, and can laugh with me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Flower Factory

Yesterday, after dad got home from work, I begged Theo to take me to another one of my nurseries that opened this week. The Flower Factory is located west of Stoughton, WI, just south of Madison. They carry thousands of perennials, and only those that thrive in our area. Its a slice of heaven for me!
Last fall I went to this place, and was overwhelmed by all the greek names of plants, and no pictures on the labels. I'm an amatuer, and not trained, so my brain was fried by the time I left. This time, I was so proud of myself. I knew more than half of the plants there, without pictures. I could tell varieties that were new, and could visualize the plant at its full size. I had such a relaxing time as Theo took the boys to get milkshakes. When they got back I still had some browsing to do, so I got them out of the car and showed them the play area. The boys has so much fun running all around in the giant sandbox, and dad was able to relax on a quiet bench and listen to the nature around him.
Sidenote: on the way out there we saw a deer laying in a field, alive, but just lethargic as can be. On his way back to get milkshakes Theo pulled over; he saw a lady there in her car. I guess she had hit the deer, and she was waiting for the sheriff b/c the deer was still alive. Ben was asking questions, when Theo said the sheriff was coming to shoot the deer, Ben says, "Silly, daddy, Sheriff's dont' shoot deer, they help us!" So, we had to explain to Ben how the deer was hurt badly from being hit by the car, and the sheriff was helping the deer not hurt anymore. This sort of explaining the deeper things in life happens all the time now with Ben. He really grasps some deep concepts for 3 years old.
So here they are playing at The Flower Factory:
And here's my angel man, looking so handsome.
Oh, and I'm actually in a picture I didn't take myself!

I guess I should have seen this coming, but Grandma Anita yesterday complained that I need to take more pictured of Ben. Yes, grandma! I take pictures of Ben, they just come out funny, with his mouth open talking or his eyes closed. He moves around so much he won't hold still long enough for a clear shot. In fact, even when he holds still he rarely takes his eyes off the toys he's playing with. As you can see here, its work getting him to take a good picture. I love a good candid shot, though.
A random funny things Ben has done lately: he into playing fireman. He's the announcer though. He found out one of my star decorations echoes, so he shouts into the star, " There's a fire in the house people, get out! Crawl low! Call the fire department! If the fire's in the living room, just play with your toys in the kitchen and dining room, because there's a fire." Okay, so he has some logic to work on, but he gets the idea. LOL. He picked this up from the Barney at the Fire House video, just FYI.

And, of course, I still got a few pictures of Hunter. The light was so good, and he was posing with his giant goofy grin. He's so irrestible at this size, I could eat him up I swear. When he saw where mom was carrying him he shouted, "Bah-Box!" (sandbox). He has such a good time running this dump truck back and forth, picking up some serious speed on the hills. He would run toward the peonies, and turn around, and run back. I told Theo, "Be careful when he's over there, some of those plants are $100.00." I think he thought I was kidding! Yes, they had a $100.00 peony there!

When we rounded up to go the boys were pretty spent. It was almost 7pm, and their bed time. So cute to watch dad gather them. I love my boys so much.

Want to see more picture of this place and its plants, including what I cam home with, check my garden blog at:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hunter's Park

After doing the boat thing for an hour and half Ben asked to go to the park. Sure buddy. We dropped off the boat, and headed straight there. He ran all about, like a pro. No, he's not on top of the slide like the older kids... he's in the orange shirt, just about to go down the slide.

Hunter, on the other hand, had no idea what he was in for. I don't think we've had Hunter at a park since last year, when he was 17 months old or so. Sure, he plays in our yard, on our monster clu house, but he was excited to have the ability to climb up there all by himself (on ours he still has to be lifted onto the top level). He had such a great time!

Of course, belly down on the tunnel slide.

Happy spring, spring spring, everyone!

First Time On The Boat

Where are we headed with the bobble head turkey in our big redneck truck? Fishin'. In our boat. We have never taken out our boat together. I thought the boys were going to be scared, but they weren't. Within second they were excited and enjoying the ride.

Sure, it wasn't easy to fish with the boys confined to such a small space. Hunter wanted to play with this Sponge Bob, "bob bob" fishing pole, and we took the chance that he'd throw in the water. Ben on the other hand, loved his old Scooby Doo pole from last year, and "got" the concept of fishing. Sure, he threw one of dad's worms in the water before we reminded him the worms go on the hook. LOL. Ben actually sat and waited for a fish to take a bite. I think Ben and Dad will be fishing together more often.

Hunter caught this hunk of goodness. But otherwise, nothing was caught this time.

In an attempt to get the kids to stop screaming & fussing I brought along a secret weapon. Oreos. It worked.

Not yet green scenery. The leaves on the trees are budding, and should break green real soon.

Now, get ready for a bazillion picture of Hunter on the boat. He looked so cute, I could not help but take these pictures. He wore sandals for the first time since last summer. He sported his little orange hat. His face was covered in Oreos. He was just adorable.

There are even dozens more pictures I am not posting here. LOL.

When dad went to retrieve the car he left me and boy on the dock. Hunter is entering the copycat phase with Ben. Ben picked up a tiny rock to toss in the water, and Hunter quickly mimicked him.

I hope it feels like summer for everyone!