Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hummer Joy Ride Day

Theo was out tilling my vegetable bed this morning, and we thought we'd let the kids out on the hummer a bit. Grandma Anita bought this for the boys earlier this summer. Ben saw it in Walmart and said, "I want that Hummer, dad?" Dad replied, "Ask Grandma." Next thing you know we have a Hummer.

This morning, at first mention of the word, Hunter went running to the door saying, "Hummer!" clear as day. Funny thing is, this beast of a vehicle has been in the garage for months, and neither boys has played with it yet. Here goes Hunter...

Here they come!

Ben may be in the driver's seat, but Joe is driving.

Enough of Ben driving, Joey's in the driver's seat as soon as possible, cruising all about the yard.
Hunter was not about to get on the hummer with those wild boys. His pooh ride-along was just fine.

Much laughter came from their joy ride.

We tried to teach Ben to drive, and Joey was like a nervoud driver's ed teacher. So funny!

Happy Spring!

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