Thursday, April 3, 2008

The boys

Lately each time I look at Hunter I think, 'oh my goodness, he's so big, I better take a picture.'

He's growing before my eyes, it seems. I took these pictures last week and just have not got around to posting them. Here I force my boys to love their momma.
Hunter shows his big brother who is boss. This cracks me up!

What is Hunter up to? Making Sesame Street Soup of course. Right now, on our floor we have cinnamon toast crunch crumsb with Elmo and Oscar in them. Messy, messy boy.

Here's my cheeseball being a cheeseball.

The bigger cheeseball.
Have a happy day everyone!

1 comment:

Amy G said...

That pose when Ben's in the Old Navy red shirt is priceless!