Monday, April 21, 2008

First Time On The Boat

Where are we headed with the bobble head turkey in our big redneck truck? Fishin'. In our boat. We have never taken out our boat together. I thought the boys were going to be scared, but they weren't. Within second they were excited and enjoying the ride.

Sure, it wasn't easy to fish with the boys confined to such a small space. Hunter wanted to play with this Sponge Bob, "bob bob" fishing pole, and we took the chance that he'd throw in the water. Ben on the other hand, loved his old Scooby Doo pole from last year, and "got" the concept of fishing. Sure, he threw one of dad's worms in the water before we reminded him the worms go on the hook. LOL. Ben actually sat and waited for a fish to take a bite. I think Ben and Dad will be fishing together more often.

Hunter caught this hunk of goodness. But otherwise, nothing was caught this time.

In an attempt to get the kids to stop screaming & fussing I brought along a secret weapon. Oreos. It worked.

Not yet green scenery. The leaves on the trees are budding, and should break green real soon.

Now, get ready for a bazillion picture of Hunter on the boat. He looked so cute, I could not help but take these pictures. He wore sandals for the first time since last summer. He sported his little orange hat. His face was covered in Oreos. He was just adorable.

There are even dozens more pictures I am not posting here. LOL.

When dad went to retrieve the car he left me and boy on the dock. Hunter is entering the copycat phase with Ben. Ben picked up a tiny rock to toss in the water, and Hunter quickly mimicked him.

I hope it feels like summer for everyone!

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