Friday, May 30, 2008

First sprinklers of the season!

Last weekend we had some wonderfully warm temperatures. We decided to let the boys run in the sprinkler for a bit. They had such a good time. Remember, Hunter did not like water too much last year... as you can see here, a lot has changed.

Ben puts his belly on the sprinkler!

Look at Hunter's belly! LOL.

He'll even sit on it.

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zoo, zoo, zoo.

We started our Saturday morning at the Dane County Farmer's market. I'll be blogging about that on the garden blog. I thought I'd share a more rare shot of me on the other side of the camera. We walked down State St. after the market and had lunch at Potbelly Deli. The boys love eating food at restaurants right now. Ben asks everyday! It's getting easier to handle them in the dining environment now. Very exciting for two parents who went a long time without eating in restaurants!


The boys got balloons at the Farmer's Market, and we kept them attached to the stroller for the zoo.

Over a year ago the giraffes at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, a free zoo near the heart of downtown Madison, WI, came ill with a degenerative bone disease. All of the giraffe's died or were put to sleep. This is the first time we've been back since the new family has arrived. So majestic they are.
The giraffes are Ben's favorite at the zoo.

Ben remembered we could feed goats at this zoo, so he asked about it the whole time we were there. He loved this, as you can see from his HUGE grin and thunderous laughter. He was more of a spectacle than the goats when we were there. I love when my kids laughter brings laughter and smiles to others.
Theo wanted Hunter to feel the goats tongue. Ick! we used boatloads of wipes and hand sanitizer after this.
Theo loved feeding these goats. For some, reason, I was totally grossed out by it. I normally don't care about that sort of thing.
All the bears were out and busy. I love when they are. Bears are my favorite part of any zoo, for sure.
Hunter loved his balloon. He kept worrying it would go, "Up! Sky!" So, he held onto it tight. cute.

My big Ben and me. He got tiger glasses. He's been so lovable lately.

I got Hunter some Monkey glasses, and he made monkey faces for me. So cute. He makes good monkey sounds, too.
Because the stroller is not allowed in the primate house, dad took turns bringing the kids in to see the moneys and such. Outside I watched this Orangutan playing, swinging on the fence, etc. Such a cutie.
Hunter loved watching this guy!

A few shots of me and my man. Oh, I love him so very much. Isn't he adorable? I swear I am just as happy today as I was when we first met. He makes me laugh everyday. He's my dream husband, dream man. I am one lucky lady.

Oh, and one more picture of me. :)
We let Ben push Hunter out of the zoo. He nearly crashed into another double stroller, and we realized another 3 year old was driving that one! Hilarious. All the parents got a chuckle.
We parked beside the lake, and these guys were everywhere.
Here's the lake, one of many in Madison.

Outside of the zoo we saw this truck. Warm Cookies delivered whenever you want them? I seem to remember a night in college, sitting around with a few close friends on Borland St., deciding a truck that could come and deliver whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it, would be a fabulous business. I think we wanted donuts & a clown, specifically, but warm cookies is darn close. Sarah, did you cash in on our idea? LOL. Genius folks. We had a cookie on our way out to the car, and they were pretty okay.

Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

To The Park To Get The Wackos Tired.

We have a number of awesome parks in our area. This one is high on our list b/c its so unique. We took the boys to the park on Friday to get all their wiggles out. They had a blast!
The park has a huge castle, and some large cement animals the boys can play on.

Hunter navigated everything really well, but he LOVED this bumpy slide so much. He must have gone up and down 30 times.

He wasn't alone on the bumpy slide either. This little girl made fast friends with him. She kept telling him, "Hold my hand." He did gladly, and they went up the stairs, down the slide and back again side by side. Adorable!

Hunter love the tire swing so much! He kept tipping b/c he wasn't balanced, but he seemed to really like being tipped like this.

Ben enjoyed all of the slide, too.

This lion drinking fountain captivated Ben, too.

We could not get Ben to sit on the teeter-totter with Hunter at the same time, so dad had to sub in and push the thing up and down.

Good times, and more Memorial Day weekend adventures to come.