Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Few More Images...

After nap time yesterday Hunter was a mellow as can be. I decided to get a few pictures of him just being him. Here he laughs his Hunter cackle.

Smiling b/c his momma loves him so much.

Deep in thought, watching Brother.

If ever there was a portrait that best portrayed little man, this would be it. His crackers and him. Perfect.

Of course, the big ham had to get in on the picture taking, too. Here, he shows me "three."

Just being Ben. Sort of cooprative, but not entirely.

Gotta love a good magnifying glass shot.

Yesterday afternoon Hunter helped Daddy mow the lawn. When Theo was outside of the fence, Hunter stood almost perfectly still holding his mower's handle, waiting and nervous to get a chance to mow with dad. Once Dad was in the gate he tirelessly went back and forth with him, sometimes leading, and sometimes following, but always with a huge grin on his face. When it was time to put away the mower he threw himself on the ground and cried, "Mmmer!" Over and over again. He wasn't the least bit done mowing, and he was devastated.

Happy day to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

He mows the lawn AND vacuums the playhouse? Jamie this kid is going to make an AMAZING husband.

xoxo- Jenn