Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Clubhouse is Built!

Last night Theo came home from work with time to build Hunter's birthday's present, his clubhouse.
This fabulous young superstar was so excited to help Daddy build, but he needed his glasses first, of course.

One adorable two-year-old.

Power tools. Don't worry they are pretend. Realistic, though.

Dinner break, must get my shades again.

Back to work...

I don't know how Theo got any work done with these two:

I thought while we were out there, and the light was good, I'd try and get a picture of Benjamin. You all know what a challenge that can be. But he was willing to give me a little cooperation.

But, only for a second... then he started this:

In an attempt to get him pose nicely, I tried, "Pose for mommy like you're a model." This is what he did:

Wild boys with power tools.

Theo and I finished the house last night while the boys were asleep. Here's the house this morning, window boxes and all. Pretty priceless. I'm going to try and deck it out as their own hunting lodge, complete with a boy's only sign, and some moose and such... more pics to come.
Thank you to Grandma Anita, Great Grandma and Grandpa, Great, Great Grandpa Rademahcer, Auntie Caitlin, Uncle Allan, Nana Cindy and Papa Matt for making this house a possibility. The boys already love it, and are begging to get out the door to play in it!

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Misty said...

Oh Jamie, only you would put window boxes on a kids' clubhouse! LMAO!

All my love to your adorable family.