Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer-like weather!

We've officially brought out the shorts and T-shirts here. The boys are getting more and more dirty as each day goes by. It's safe to say spring is here for good.
This one here has been a piece of work lately;

Hunter has figured out how to say phrases! He has "Orry bro-der" (Sorry Brother), "Wah-R-U DaDa?" (Where are you, Daddy?), and "No-No Mama!" He uses the "Sorry brother" most frequently after hitting Ben. Nice. He's especially defiant, doing everything the opposite as he's told. He won't stay in time-out either. Trying times. But he still loves to cuddle. He holds his chubby arms around my neck and snuggles his chins against my shoulders. He loves to be soothed and rubbed on the back. He holds my hand still, too. He's done that ever since he was a newborn. He's been so lovable in between temper tantrums, its hard to remember he's a big boy now who needs to be taught right from wrong. In this picture he's eating an Oreo. Just like Ben's first few Oreos, Hunter somehow knows to open them and lick the frosting. It's innate.

He's way too adorable!

Ben, on the other hand, has been so hilarious lately. The other night we were on our way to Target and he asked, "Mom, can I get a slurpee when I get there? Mom, can I have a green one. Dad says I won't like the green ones, but I will b/c green is my very favorite color. And I don't like the red ones, mom because they gum up my works!" Yes, he actually said this to me. He picked it up from Cat In the Hat with Mike Myers. He's also taken to using the word "Awkward" repeatedly, one the Cat uses, too.

We've been outside a lot lately. There's sand everywhere it seems. The boys have been loving the clubhouse, swing, and slide. Here Ben's tries to give me another one of those blasted dandelions.

Hunter is into dumping sand in his hair... makes for a good bathtime.

Ben loves worms. A trip outside is not complete without finding worms. He puts them in a bucket and carries them all about. He asked me where worms live, and I explained they live in the dirt with their families. Now, he always tries get them back into the dirt when he's done playing with them.

Have a great day everyone!

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