Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Chillin'

I have not been blogging because its my busy-time in the garden. Every free minute I get I'm out in the dirt, and when it rains I'm working on my Mother's Day presents. I do update the garden blog a lot, b/c I actually have some things going on in that realm of my life. Plus, we have not done anything eventful lately. I mean, really...

Here's Ben relaxing. And Hunter chewing on something...

Hunter found the potty chair in our bathroom closet. He's pulled it out and began referencing it. I have sat him down one time, but he did not like it. I'm not pushing it. It took us from age 2 to 3 to train Ben completely. Literally. He got the chair for his second birthday and he did not poop consistently on the chair until a week before his 3rd birthday. At any rate, Hunter's pretty cute on his chair.

Ben has remembered the way to mom's heart is flowers. He handed me this dandelion this morning out in the yard. Later, he gave me a wild viola, too. He still say, "Pretty lady mommy!" when he gives them to me. Adorable.

Hunter had quite the temper tantrum this morning. Lucky grandma Anita was on the phone when it went down. He was on the swing for a long, long time. I was done pushing him, trook him out, and he threw himself on the lawn screaming and kicking. I carried him in the house, and he continued to kick, cry, and scream on the kitchen floor. I can't help it, he's adorable even when he pissed off.
Have a great day everyone! Hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to write and share after this weekend.

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