Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Outdoors!

Yesterday we had the most wonderful weather! I believe our high made it to 84F! We were outside on/off most of the day, soaking up the sun and dirt...

I watered a few things and the boys took advantage of the hole in the house playing with watering cans and buckets of water, soaking their sand, and splashing just enough. They were just muddy & sandy enough. Some of these pics are from morning time when Joey was here, and some are from the afternoon. Hunter caked his adorable overall in mud, so he's in shorts in the afternoon.

Aw... brother love. I can't help but smile when they touch and don't wind up pushing each other.

In the afternoon Ben and Hunter played together really well. They like to goof off in the clubhouse, on the slide, and on the swings.

Hunter's bliss is this swing.
This is what Hunter does when I take him off the swing. He LOVES to "wee!" I've pushed him for a half hour before. I just can't stand still that long! So, when it's time to go inside, he tantrums. In this shot it was dinner time. Oh, was he PISSED!

Ben is getting so strong; he's constantly suspending himself from various things.
He actually runs from the back of the yard to launch himself on his belly on the swing.

Hunter can't climb into the clubhouse yet, but I lift him up in there over and over. He should be climbing in no time; he's made some great attempts & he loves being up there.

I got some really great shots of Hunter yesterday!

I love the candid outdoor shots. Such great light!

They also played with bugs. The neighbor gave the boys one of those neon green fishing worms to play with. Ben & Joey domimated the green worm, but Hunter found himself ants. He was so excited, shouting "bug!" over and over following them all about.

Hunter also enjoyed some quality time watching the tractors behind our house. He plopped down on his bench to get a nice view.

Here are these two goofballs actually cooperating for a picture!

Of course, the picture posing led to wrestling, naturally, and then Hunter joined in. They do this all the time... so glad I captured a picture of it. Just a pile of boys.

Have a great day everyone!

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