Friday, May 23, 2008

Poor Daddy

These kids are rough on dad, no doubt. The other night Theo went in for a kiss from Hunter and he said, "Butt!" knocking dad's noggin with a head-butt hard and swift. See, that's what dad gets for teaching them things like head butts. lol.

Now, this sort of thing cracks me up. Hunter started it, jumping on dad as soon he laid down to stretch out his back. Then Ben saw the attention Hunter was getting, and had to join in. They jump as hard as they can! Needless to say, Mom has not laid down on the floor during their waking hours in a very, very long time. This would kill me.

Love this air shot of Ben!

"Mom, take my picture!" he says.
Mom, on the other hand, doesn't get rough play that often. Just snuggles and love. And lots of it. Here, Hunter was fresh in his overnight diaper, ready for bed. He's been throwing fits about leaving mom at bed time lately. Can't say I blame him, I love being attached to him as much he does me. (Hunter has excema on the back of his knees, he's not hurt. He gets it from me; I get it on my hands). (And, no I'm not preggers, just chunky, and I'm working on it, LOL).

On a completely unrelated note, last night we went driving around with the windows down, checking out Theo's favorite fishing spots to see if the water's subsided enough. We saw this incredible pheasant on the side of the road. So beautiful!

Happy day everyone!

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