Sunday, May 25, 2008

To The Park To Get The Wackos Tired.

We have a number of awesome parks in our area. This one is high on our list b/c its so unique. We took the boys to the park on Friday to get all their wiggles out. They had a blast!
The park has a huge castle, and some large cement animals the boys can play on.

Hunter navigated everything really well, but he LOVED this bumpy slide so much. He must have gone up and down 30 times.

He wasn't alone on the bumpy slide either. This little girl made fast friends with him. She kept telling him, "Hold my hand." He did gladly, and they went up the stairs, down the slide and back again side by side. Adorable!

Hunter love the tire swing so much! He kept tipping b/c he wasn't balanced, but he seemed to really like being tipped like this.

Ben enjoyed all of the slide, too.

This lion drinking fountain captivated Ben, too.

We could not get Ben to sit on the teeter-totter with Hunter at the same time, so dad had to sub in and push the thing up and down.

Good times, and more Memorial Day weekend adventures to come.

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