Monday, September 27, 2010

Look Who is Home!

Theo just completed a very important training and has been out of town for 16 days. The boys were beyond excited to see him come through the door!!
Hunter said, "Daddy's a Hungle Hym (Jungle Gym)."

So good to have him home. Such a great feeling to all be together again.

We took the kids, who were riled up pretty good, to a local pumpkin patch where they could run around like crazy for awhile. We also enjoyed some pumpkin and apple cider donuts.
Later, driving to go apple tasting, we encountered a street fair in a town we've never stopped in before. Brodhead Autumnfest found us admiring old buildings, looking at cows, and tasting and voting on a variety of warm chilis for only $3. Perfect!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures! Happy Autumn!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally, haircuts.

These boys had some serious mopheads, and I was tired of the tangles. Took them for haircuts this week, and now they looks like little Theo's again.

Happy day to you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poor kitty, kitty.

Our cat Tabatha had kittens in May of 2009, and we have kept our favorites. Schmoopy and School Bus are now full grown felines, and are fitting in nicely around here. Hunter used to haul this furr ball around when she was 6 inches long, but now she's older, and wiser, and has to be lured by mom first, then handed to Hunter so he can squish her right up.

She is such a patient cat, never clawing or scratching, just staying still and hanging as long as she can, before leaping to freedom.

He looks like a proud papa with his baby, "Moopee."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knit Therapy

It is pretty amazing what knitting can do. It simultaneously satisfies my need to create beautiful things, and relaxes me. Sometimes I sit on the floor and stare at my yarn. Sometimes I spend hours pouring over magazines looks for inspiration, bookmarking pages and jotting down notes. Sometimes I stand in the yarn stores for hours, walking around the aisles in circles, dreaming.

And sometimes I create things:

If you want any of these items to becomes yours, visit my Etsy shop. I'd love to send them to you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Boys Baptism

The boys were baptised last weekend. Their Me-Maw bought them these adorable church outfits with ties! I can't wait to frame some of these shots!

Pastor asked the boys three questions, including, "Who is your Lord and Savior?" They responded, "Jesus." "Who died for your sins?" "Jesus." And "What happens when you are baptised?" "You become a child of God." When time came to have water poured over their heads Hunter said, "You go first brud-her." Then, as the water was poured over the back of Ben's head, Hunter said quietly, "I love this!"

Later Theo asked the boys what it felt like to be baptised, and Ben said, "Great!" Hunter responded with a question, "Am I one of God's childs now?" "Yes." "Am I one of him's lambs?" "Yes, you are." Priceless.

My aunt and uncle are the boys' godparents, but they don't prefer to have their pictures online, so I only included shots of us.
Such a great experience!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Doctor's Beach, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

You would never guess that at the end of this woodsy trail you would find...

...a legit beach! Amen!
Hunter skipped rocks in the water.
They both played with sand toys.
Ben dug a hle deep enough to get to the water! He was sooooo excited.
The day was a success because I got this picture of the boys... already printed a 5 x 7 and put it in a frame.

This Californian mom could not be more excited to find a real beach. Like, with real sand... for sand angels (only in Wisconsin?)
The boys played in the water for hours.

We used out picnic basket for the very first time. We have had it since our wedding shower.

We both had a pretty enjoyable time.

Such a peaceful, wonderful day. Thank you, summer.