Friday, September 10, 2010

Doctor's Beach, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

You would never guess that at the end of this woodsy trail you would find...

...a legit beach! Amen!
Hunter skipped rocks in the water.
They both played with sand toys.
Ben dug a hle deep enough to get to the water! He was sooooo excited.
The day was a success because I got this picture of the boys... already printed a 5 x 7 and put it in a frame.

This Californian mom could not be more excited to find a real beach. Like, with real sand... for sand angels (only in Wisconsin?)
The boys played in the water for hours.

We used out picnic basket for the very first time. We have had it since our wedding shower.

We both had a pretty enjoyable time.

Such a peaceful, wonderful day. Thank you, summer.


Misty said...

Y'all look like you're having such a blast in these pics! It tickles me to hear you talk about using the stuff you got as wedding presents. Doug and I have some of those items too -- that we swore we'd use ALL THE TIME in that drunken haze of registering. :) Really love the shot of your boys.

Jamie said...

Yeah, we have tons of those items... like a 3 kinds of wine crystal glasses for a setting of 13? Funny, now that Theo is sober I can promise we won't ever use em'. lol.
Thanks. :)