Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Boys Baptism

The boys were baptised last weekend. Their Me-Maw bought them these adorable church outfits with ties! I can't wait to frame some of these shots!

Pastor asked the boys three questions, including, "Who is your Lord and Savior?" They responded, "Jesus." "Who died for your sins?" "Jesus." And "What happens when you are baptised?" "You become a child of God." When time came to have water poured over their heads Hunter said, "You go first brud-her." Then, as the water was poured over the back of Ben's head, Hunter said quietly, "I love this!"

Later Theo asked the boys what it felt like to be baptised, and Ben said, "Great!" Hunter responded with a question, "Am I one of God's childs now?" "Yes." "Am I one of him's lambs?" "Yes, you are." Priceless.

My aunt and uncle are the boys' godparents, but they don't prefer to have their pictures online, so I only included shots of us.
Such a great experience!

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