Sunday, February 9, 2014

Craft Room Reorganize & Great News!

It felt fantastic to have some time to do some reorganizing last week. I moved all of my supplies for work and hobby into the back room of our house last fall right when the chaos of knitting season set in. I didn't have the time to really organize anything then, and just slapped things in place. This time, I had all the time in the world to think about where I'd want to sit, lighting, access of items, etc. The whole room just feels better, and I've maximized the space! Here are a few pictures I took! Enjoy!
Looking from the bathroom doorway at the whole room. Shipping table on the right, scrapbooking on the left. The boys' video games are in the yellow chest straight ahead (bottom two drawers are mine, full of ribbon, looms, and cotton yarn).
 Stepping forward the yarn storage comes into view- most of the yarn is in these two cabinets. The blue one will be painted as soon as I get a day to open the windows. I'm going for a cream color and sanding it to see the blue and green through... can't wait to tackle this project.
 Looking towards the shipping table. The antique tool box on the lower shelf holds shipping supplies. The file cabinet holds papers, folders, and more yarn. The chest on top of the file cabinet holds various things like macramé plant holders not in use, and fiber for filling up pillows.
 This is the scrapbook space. The tiny metal drawers on the table (an auction find I love) hold punches, ink, and stamps. Still some fine tuning to do here, but I've already used this space and its great! Super happy to have one of my great grandmother's quilts on the wall- I have one in the stairway going upstairs, but have never hung up another one.
 Finally found a spot to hand my vintage Finnish wall hanging! This basket in the foreground houses the yarn I want to use next.... some of it has already been used!

 This is the sewing table. I use the same wooden chair by the scrapbooking table when I sew- this chair I for knitting and watching the birds out the windows. :) Found it for a steal at goodwill, and its in perfect vintage condition. Since I took this picture I moved a vintage ottoman in here with it, so I can lift my feet.  The baskets house more yarn... and the huge wooden box under the table also houses more yarn. The lady will be moving over by the yarn cabinets tomorrow, as my husband and I tackle building a  new photo backdrop I can pull out when I need it.
 This is the corner across from the shipping table, to the right of the bathroom door. I've got a couple dozen plants on the étagère- and the frog has been moved over here so we can see him better. He seems to like his new spot, and we love him being out in the open so we catch his every move. The exercise bike is poised for bird watching. We get bunnies, squirrels, and birds of all sorts of birds the back porch this time of year. We have a heated bird bath, and several feeders out there. Note the two cats under the frog table. They LOVE to sit by the heater, and watch the birds over by the window. The tool box houses terrarium making supplies, and the old minnow buckets actually holds soil for when I may need to repot one of my houseplants. I kneel on the back rug and do my dirty work, and then flip the rub up to dump the soil etc. that's fallen out the back door. It works!
Happy crafting!
Also fantastic news on the job front- Theo has accepted a new job as a warehouse supervisor at a paint company. Its going to be a great fit for him, utilizing his skill set perfectly (darn near exactly what he did in the army), while not hurting his body- and the pay is right, the commute it perfect, and the work hours are nearly exactly what he would have wanted!! Total bonus he'll get paid vacation the first year ( so we can actually take a trip somewhere- Glacier National Park or Rocky Mtn Nat park top the list). God is so, so good.


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