Thursday, July 31, 2008

Muddin' in their Hummer

A few weeks ago we took the boys to ride their hummer around a trail near our home. Ben's still figuring out how to stear and push the gas at the same time, but he had it very fun time trying to figure it all out.

Here, we're saying, "Turn it towards mommy and daddy, and push the gas at the same time!"
"Good, don't stop pusing the gas now..."
I ran, yes, trotted my fat ass out in front of them to get pictures. Theo had to step in and stear or lift the vehicle back into the right direction.

The mosquitos were terrible, so we didn't stay back there long.

Kind of like when I play video games and I lean to the left or right, like that helps, Ben leans and pulls the wheel to one side. LOL.
I wish I was these kids, they have a pretty awesome life. :)
We followed this journey with an attempt to teach the boys to ride bikes. LOL. Attempt. Pics to come soon.

'round here the critters are loved.

I bet this kitten wishes it's trip down the toilet was coming soon. I don't know though, sometimes I think she likes being a part of the boys' every adventure. This morning they ran laps, fighting monsters, dragging her around with them. As she escapes, they chase her, yelling, "Oh no! The cat ran away!" Duh. Right now, they're building her a house in ther Craftsman tool bench. Every kittens dream to have a bed in a nice dark plastic place, right?

On a side note: I just yelled to Hunter, "Get out of the movie drawer!" The talking Bob the Builder in the box next to me replied, "Okay!" I had to crack up. i think the vibration from my voice triggered his talking. Then, after a lengthy pause, he goes on to say, "Let's hit the road!" I can't help but want to run away with Bob. Good idea.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Trip & Park Romp

About two weeks ago, maybe more, we decided to visit Mt. Horeb, a little town not too far from us with a quaint atmosphere. We walked up and down the main drag, stopped in a chocolate shop, an antique mall, and a garden center (bought nothing but chocolate). We did make plans to eat a local brewery there sometime soon, and then decided to get a picnic lunch and take it to a park in Madison.

We went to an Italian deli on madison's south west side (almost Fitchburg) that may have smelled like heaven will smell. I'm pretty sure. We got sandwiches (Oh, yum!), chips, bread, and sodas and headed to a lake side park on Madison's far west side (actually in Middleton). The park was secluded, but bustling with lake dwellers, boats, and a few kids covered in sand and water.

There was a nice tree beside the playground, perfect for a little climb.

In all the years we've lived near Madison we never frequented the lake areas. The lakes in Madison are huge, and scenic. I really enjoyed getting a closer look at the boating activity and the shoreline. Yes, Californians, they have sailboats on lakes in the midwest.

Have a nice day everyone!

I said "No Fish!"

We're walking around the fair and we see one of those tables of fish bowls with the ping pong balls. You know what I'm talking about. I said to Theo, "No Fish!" I need another live thing depending on me like a need another hole in my teeth. So, as Ben and I were enjoying Randy Travis, soaking up the smooth crooning of this deep voice, dad took restless Hunter for a walk.

The story goes like this: Hunter walked past the basketball game and the attendant said, "let him shoot for free, for fun!" Of course, Hunter makes a basket on the first try, and the lady has to give him a prize, an nice little football. Dad's so pleased his son's a stud, he can't help but let him throw ping pong balls at the fish bowls, right? How did he know Hunter would make 2 of them, and wind up bringing home two fish, which Ben promptly named "Open & Closed" when we piled into the truck. Okay.

Feeding time.

Open was the little orange one; he's since been passed onto fish heaven through the toilet. The boys seemed pretty unphased by this process.

However, yesterday, the boys were playing outside and found this toad in the clubhouse. They played with it all day, and left it in a bucket before going inside. Heat indexes yesterday reached 95, so you know where this is going... we found little toad here fully dehydrated, and dead in this bucket by the afternoon. I put Toady in the fire pit (better choice than the compost pile, but in hind sight maybe I should have given him a proper buriel, huh?) I told Ben he'd go to Toad heaven, right next to fish heaven, and he says to me, "But, mom, how is he going to get there unless we flush him down the toilet?" LOL. He'll find his way, Ben. RIP: Toady and Open.

Happy to report Closed is fine, and I cleaned his tank this morning, again. Sigh.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The County Fair: Randy Travis

This evening we went to the local county fair. We love our fair, it's the best. They always have the greatest performers (Rodney Adkins, Trace Atkins, George Jones, Josh Gracin, Ronnie Milsap, Lady Antelbellum, Jason Aldeen, just in last 3 years), the rides are clean, nice, no waiting, the range of food they offer is nice, the bathrooms are accessible, the animals are amazing, the people are nice. It just doesn't get any better!

They had this huge cornbox the boys played in forever. Hunter had corn in his diapers, and Ben's pockets were loaded.


These bunnies make me feel less bad about my chin.

To the bleachers to eat corn dogs.

This is a booth advertising a local taxidermist. He had a stuffed

Hunter was the happiest I think he's ever been on this ride. True joy in his rig.

The bee ride was fun, too!

Listening to some great music.

Here's why I'm so happy:
I've liked Randy Travis since I was about 10-11 years old. I can remember hearing him on the radio, his deep voice stood out. I did some searching to find out who he was, and from then on I could always recognize him. He was amazing live! We didn't get to stay for the whole show b/c the boys were tired (exhausted actually), but we saw enough of him to make me happy!

Have a great day everyone!