Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Night Out, Like Real Adults

Hey y'all. We have not been completely MIA, we've just been on a little home vacation, if you will. My mom came to town to see her precious grandbabies. She'd planned on coming to for July 4th, but when we pieced together the dates we realized that Theo and I had free passes to a week of concerts around the same date! We asked Grandma to come early, and babysit. She did, and we had a great time at two nights of concerts up in Osh Kosh, WI at Country USA. Friday night we enjoyed Jason Michael Carol, Jake Owen, Terri Clark, and Kenny Chesney, almost. Thanks mom!!!

Here we are all cuddled up on our blanket.

Happily, we had some beer and fair food. I indulged in cheese on a stick served by some world class carnies including a lady who sweat straight whisky and had only one eye, and a huge islander who smiled at me a lot. An all around good time.

Here's Jason Micheal Carol. He was great live.
We visited these a lot:
Where's everyone running to? the beer tent, and not for beer. It was pouring rain, lightening and thundering pretty good.
Here we are all snuggled up in the beer karaoke tent trying to watch the show. The rain was of the soaking drenching type, so we stood here and drank for some time.
Here is my hero for the day: the rain did not deter this lovely lady from enjoying herself. Hilarious. (Jason Michael Carol played right on through the rain, actually getting down into the crowd so he could be just as wet at them. Very cool.)
Ah, a rainbow!
I had a carmel apple after the rain. I love fair food.
Here's Jake Owen. Also awesome live.
Jake Owen on the jumbo-TV thing.
This is the fella Theo affectionately called "Deputy Dog." he was in charge of keeping the crowds in the aisles moving. Theo repeatedly told him he was doing a good job, and coined funny ways he could asked people to "move on." Poor guy.
What goes best with carmel apples, cheese on a stick, and beer? Funnel Cake, duh?
Pretty sure I had powdered sugar all over my mug. No mirror, so I took a picture. Yup.
Theo caught napping. LOL.
This is "Bob the Builder." She wore her helmet through the whole show, folks.
Inebriated. Goodness.

Terri Clark on the jumbo-TV thingy.

Nice sunset.
Theo must have been happy, he's proudly donning a Miller Lite blinky sticker. I drank Leinie Honey Weiss like a good Wisconsinite. :)
I'm pretty sure this is Kenny Chesney, although I was so tired by this point, I'm not so sure. I drank something like 8 beers, and I could NOT stay awake. I actually threw down a blanket and fell asleep at one point. He took forever to set up, and was so OVER waiting at that point. I'm way too old for this shit! We had a 2 1/2 hour drive home still, too. We left after one song, and still did not get home until like 2am.

A great time overall. And we were still headed back to see Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard on Sunday. :) Good times.

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