Thursday, July 31, 2008

Muddin' in their Hummer

A few weeks ago we took the boys to ride their hummer around a trail near our home. Ben's still figuring out how to stear and push the gas at the same time, but he had it very fun time trying to figure it all out.

Here, we're saying, "Turn it towards mommy and daddy, and push the gas at the same time!"
"Good, don't stop pusing the gas now..."
I ran, yes, trotted my fat ass out in front of them to get pictures. Theo had to step in and stear or lift the vehicle back into the right direction.

The mosquitos were terrible, so we didn't stay back there long.

Kind of like when I play video games and I lean to the left or right, like that helps, Ben leans and pulls the wheel to one side. LOL.
I wish I was these kids, they have a pretty awesome life. :)
We followed this journey with an attempt to teach the boys to ride bikes. LOL. Attempt. Pics to come soon.

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Misty said...

The beauty of the Wii is, it actually DOES help to lean into the turns. At last my Atari 2600 holdover habit turns useful. Love you.