Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Balloons and the Pool

Before her visit, my mom sent us a supply of camoflauge water balloons, which we waited to play with until she got here. After the hot July 4th parade the pool and balloons were calling us, for sure. I held the camera so I was somewhat exempt from water play, but I did get hit with a few balloons when they knew my camera was out of the way. This was the kids very first water balloon experience, by the way.

Loads of fun...

Theo is quick to point out that he's no spilling his beer here, LOL.


At some point during my mom's visit we picked up this $8 Slip and Slide. Talk about joy! Ben did not know how to slide, so he just ran at first.

Hunter was quick to copy:

Dad had to actually push Ben down on his belly, he could not coordinate himself well enough to runa nd land on his belly and still slide. LOL.

Hunter would have no part in sliding down his belly, pushed or not. He stoof back to watch, then stmoped down the strip again.

Yes, even dad had to get involved. He tore up this darn slip n' slide. Hilarious. He want right back the end of it each time. LOL.

I love how much joy is on my mom's face here:

Look, he does sit still once a year:

Don;t you want to come and play in our redneck yard? :)

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