Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben the Artist

There isn't a moment where I'm safe from sabotage, as far as the kids go. Unless I can figure out how to stop necessary functions, like peeing, and blinking, and sleeping at night, my kids will inevitably have moments alone. Moments where they can slip away from me, and do whatever they're wild Jamie-influenced imaginations can concoct. Last week, long before I even opened my eyes from a night's sleep, Ben created a masterpiece in the kitchen. The scary part? He got the marker from the scrapbooking cabinet beside my bed. He took the marker of his choice (he put a lot of though into the selection process, b/c every marker was on the floor) off the top shelf of the 6 foot cabinet, went downstairs, and made this creation on the dry erase board. And I don't think I have to tell you, he didn't use a dry erase marker:

Apparently, his creative side strikes in the wee hours of the morning. A closer look, (below) and some quizzing Ben tells me this is a guy, and there's a road beside him (squiggly line to the guy's right), and mountains behind him. The guys had a triangle head, a belly button, square body, and a penis, maybe 2 penises actually, if you look closely. No arms or hands though? Priorities, right people? I think those are binoculars next to the guy's head, looking toward the mountains, which I'm pretty sure makes my 3 year old some kind of genious.

In some other unrelated Ben news:
Last night Ben waltzed into the kitchen and asked me, "Mom, what's car insurance?" LOL! I know, I didn't know he could waltz either. Kidding. Anyway, Theo was watching the baseball game and I guess a commercial for car insurance came on. I explained it to him. I don't dumb down stuff for the boys. I figure, if they can absorb it, and learn it, they do, if not, they'll ask more questions. Trust me. I told him that it's something mommy and daddy pay for so if anything ever happens to our car or other cars we're driving beside we don't have to pay to get a new one. (The simplist version I could think of; I'm well aware that we have to do our own maintenance on the car, and it's our unless something uncontrollable happens to it, I'm not an idiot).
Later, a commercial for going to school for construction site management came on the television. Ben was in my lap, and he looked up at me, and said, "Mom, I think I can be a construction worker when I grow up." I told him, "You can be that, Ben; you could also be a construction manager if you want to." He said, "No, mom, I want to be the construction worker so I can build stuff." Fair enough, dude.
This morning he begged to go to work with Daddy. Boots on and all. You're probably thinking, aw how cute, he wants to be with his dad, be like his dad. Well, maybe, but really, he knows Daddy has "Twp packs of big fat Em-E-Mems in the vending machine at work." See, he's destined to be more like his mommy when he grows up. :)

Have a great day everyone!

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