Thursday, July 31, 2008

'round here the critters are loved.

I bet this kitten wishes it's trip down the toilet was coming soon. I don't know though, sometimes I think she likes being a part of the boys' every adventure. This morning they ran laps, fighting monsters, dragging her around with them. As she escapes, they chase her, yelling, "Oh no! The cat ran away!" Duh. Right now, they're building her a house in ther Craftsman tool bench. Every kittens dream to have a bed in a nice dark plastic place, right?

On a side note: I just yelled to Hunter, "Get out of the movie drawer!" The talking Bob the Builder in the box next to me replied, "Okay!" I had to crack up. i think the vibration from my voice triggered his talking. Then, after a lengthy pause, he goes on to say, "Let's hit the road!" I can't help but want to run away with Bob. Good idea.
Have a great day!

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