Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Miss Loretta and Merle

Here we are on our second date in a week. Darn Happy.

I wore my cowgirl hat. I picked this up in Calfornia when I bought my cowgirl boots (they're black with a red and tan butterfly on the back, and I love them). This hats been quite a few places by now, including my first real rodeo, and quite a few shows like Allan Jackson, Trace Adkins, George Jones, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, and probably more I can't think of right now.

I made Theo take these pictures here. I was thinking about how bizarre it is to see pics of our parents younger and out doing normal people things (like dates, etc.) I wanted to take these pictures to capture us in the same way. I almost didn't post my pictrue here b/c I look pretty terrible, but it's who I am right now.

Here she is, The Coal Miner's Daughter. She borrowed a hat from some fella in the audience b/c it was windy and her hair kept blowing all around. Her professionalism and talent was so incredible. She was so funny too! George Jones was supposed to be the thrid act of the evening, but he had to cancel b/c of throat problems (no biggie for us, we've seen him, and planned ob leaving after Merle anyway). But, she made fun of him throughout her show. She told us all not to worry about George Jones no-showing b/c "we weren't missing anything anway." At one point someone requested a George Jones song, and she said, "Honey, I don't know if I know any of his songs all the way through," and a band member said, "Neither does he!"
Her son and twin daughters opened up for her, and her grandaughter came out and sang in the middle of her act. Her back-up boys were so talented, they sang with her and sang on their own. She was magical, there's simply no other way to describe seing her sing live. A truly surreal experience.

This fella was out int he audience dancing the entire show. Such a sight to see.
In fact, a lot of people around us were dancing. The folks right beside us were drunk and dancing (one guy was wearing overalls with no shirt underneath, and he bought a raccoon skin hat and put in the bib of his overalls and did a dirty grind dance on one of his mom's friends--who nearly pissed herself laughing at him). One of the older ladies dancing beside us pulled Theo and I up for a dance, too. I was shocked Theo actually danced! He was mush better at than me, as I stepped all over him and nearly hurt myself trying to two step. He said he learned to dance from watching the country dancers on TV at his grandpa's house as a kid. :)

There's something about being outside in the evening that makes me so happy. The temps were delightfully cool, and

Theo was totally spaced out watching Loretta when I took this first one. By the second pic he was on to me. I love these, and am totally framing the first one.

My man, happily listening to his music, drinking a beer, wearing his hot hat. I love him so much.

I look a little like a mean, fat cowgirl, but I also think I look a TON like my dad here.

Merle's opening act was a band including at least one other Haggard, I believe his grandson. The lead singer was amazing. He sang one of Elvis's songs, not as an impersonation, but as himself, and in the middle of the song he did the hip sway like Elvis. He was awesome at it, and the crowd loved it. Very entertaining group. They had a great sound, and a nice stage presence. They oozed talent.

In between acts the sun began to set. I'm a pretty outdoorsy person, and a good sunset is like heaven to me. I took a few million pictures of this one, but I thought I'd limit my

Here's Merle Haggard and company, they put on an incredible show. In fact, at moments it also felt surreal to be listening to his voice live:
On the jumbo TV:

Much more to come on our week of fun...

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