Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Milwaukee Zoo

As promised, grandma took the kids (both big and little) to the Milwaukee Zoo. The very first exhibit we saw contained all the money-type fellas. This baby was rejected by its mother at another zoo somewhere, but this mommy took her in. They've bonded completely. Isn't that awesome?

Spongebob ice cream, of course.

In this exhibit you can feel sting rays and sharks.

This zoo has the neatest little train to ride!

Carousel rise!

A quick run through the mist.

The petting zoo.

Hunter loves goats. He's hugging this one:

Getting ready to ride the camel:

Aww... Ben with his precious Grandma.

I love the variety of animals you get at the Milwukee zoo. I might frame some of these pictures someday.

This Hippo was going under water, I caught him before he did.
Mean Cheetah.

I loved these hyenas for some reason.

I love these Elk. I yearn to live in Montana or North Dakota where I can see them in the wild.


I was quite smitten with this bear:

The Elephant is leaning here?
Peacocks just sort of run rampant here.

As soon as we walked into the zoo I saw a sign to feed the giraffes. Grandma and I went into the gift shop and she purchased tickets for the $3 feeding for the giraffes. We waited all day impatiently to feed these two hungry giraffes, but it was a positively amazing experience!

The very best part of Ben feeding the giraffes was the fact that he stuck his tongue out just like the giraffes. Hilarious!!

Here's his tongue again.

Hunter's turn. This kid LOVES animals! You'd think a giant giraffe would scare a little guy like this, but not a chance.

I'm trying to get these posts up as fast as I can, but I have loads and loads of cleaning and laundry to do, and it's japanese beetle season in the garden, so I'm really pre-occupied. But, I'll keep em' coming...
Have a great day everyone!

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leena! said...

The picture of Hunter hugging the goat melts my heart a bit.