Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Strawberry Festival!

When my mom was planning her trip she found out one of our favorite towns to visit was having a Strawberry Festival the first Saturday she was here. We couldn't resist going, of course! Despite getting home pretty early in the morning from the concert, we were on our way to the festival first thing in the morning.

A local chocolate shop puts their chocolate covered strawberries in a booth on the street for the fair, but their gourmet apples weren't far from sight. Artwork, I swear!

My mom buys some chocolate covered strawberries.

More artwork.


This man demonstrates the art of making kettle corn. i was waiting in line for lunch beside him and had to take a picture. He kept yelling something like a cowboy would say to a horse, it was very entertaining.

There were a zillion vendors there, from candles to painters, soaps to flowers, clothing, homewares, but Theo found this chair guy and was in heaven. He loved this chair! I came home with a bottle of Rosemary Mint essential oil. :)

Cedarburg is loaded with cute little shops like these:

At one point Ben hurt himself, he bit his lip or scratched himself, I don't remember, but Hunter was so concerned! He grabbed his brother and tried to comfort him. Priceless. Hunter's always been such a caretaker, but he was so tender and so worried, it was priceless.

We stopped to tie shoes or something and found ourselves in front of this awesome old stone wall. I took some spontaneous photos, and I love how they turned out. This has to be my favorite picture of my mom ever:

I was not having a great hair day, but that's alright. I had fun.

Theo, of course, always has to make me laugh.

I love this one:

Wish you could have all come with us.

Have a great day everyone!

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