Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beachy Themed

I have been so sick all week! I've been laying on the couch, feeding the kids whatever they can help themselves to. Hunter was sick last week, and Ben is sick along with me. I finally pulled myself off my sick-bed (the couch) and tried to sit up in the scrapbook room chair for a bit. I used some super old papers I've had forever. I love how they turned out. Pictures from August 2010.
So happy with the way cropping these once 4 x 6 prints turned out on this 8.5 x 11 layout.

My favorite thing about this layout of Ben is all the different aspects of Ben's trip to the beach- including the shot of his feet. Love it!

Happy scrapping.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Cheap Vintage Finds

I ran into Goodwill the other day and found some treasures I wanted to share. I spent less than $9, and came home with all this and a brand new girly plaid shirt. If you can get past the smell of used stuff, you can find some pretty great stuff in a Goodwill. I usually looks for tins, jars, bowls, plates, baskets, buttons, charms, and jewelry beads.

I can't resist a cute jar! I keep them in several spots in my home, including the china cabinet for seasonal candies, bathroom for bath salts, cotton balls, and q-tips, and in my scrapbook room for paper flower accents and buttons.

I've been collecting these state/city plates for a few years. I have Florida, Wisconsin, and Denver- and I could not resist the California one. The New Mexico was attached, sold together, but I'm sure it will be cute on the wall with the rest. I see them as wall art in a garden room I hope have at our next house...

This umbrella looks to be truly vintage. It could be remake, or new, but nevertheless, I love it. And I really needed an umbrella!
I also stopped at my first rumage sale of the season last week. These two bowls were a $1.50 each. I love their Easter hues. I see them in my garden room also, perhaps the small blue one holding a succulent, and the other one holding pinecones or something... blue one has a crack, but it doesn't bother me one bit. My favorite part- the green bowl looks exactly like one I saw at an antique mall that was WAY overpriced at $30. It's not made by any specific company, and wasn't worth the $30 at all. This one was much better. I love junk!

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They're listed!

I have been having way too much fun making these little bead cluster necklaces. I have also been wearing the one's I made for myself, and getting tons of compliments- one lady even took a picture of it so she could go home and make one of her own.
You can find a few listed here in my Etsy shop!

Don't they make you want to wear shorts and sandals!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Man

Hunter spent 3 days last week so sick. He was fighting a fever of 100-103 on/off, and we were piggy backing "i-e-pro-en" and "ty-weh-nol" and adding ice to a pack he kept on his forehead all week. He was such a trooper! He's finally back to his old self, and last night he made this awesome "zoo," from Lincoln Logs, popsicle sticks, and a random Cookie Monster figurine. This "zoo" even had a woodshop.

Today he's been caretaking for me Ben and I, who now both have his sickness. Ben's fighting a fever, and I was up all night sweating and shivering. Today, I have aches in every inch of my body, and have been dozing off on the couch while Boomerang and Thomas the Train tracks have been babysitting Hunter at my side. Hunter has been bringing us water, and letting the dog out. He made Ben lunch. He found some old Toy Story paper plates and napkins from his birthday and brought Ben a plate of Rosemary and Olive Oil Trisquits and a candy cane. With a "Speh-ahl Buh-Lightyear na-kin." (Special Buzz Light year napkin).
Poor Theo is sick, too, and had to sit through meetings all day with a fever. Pooh.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Pretty much awesome.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A new hobby, like I need more of those...

So, I started making jewelry because I can't find anything I can wear out there. I'm a tough case- I get those irritating rashes from anything metal that's not gold, and I don't like to wear boring old gold everyday. So, I need to have either suede lace, hemp, string, or beads on the part of the necklace that will touch my skin. Top that with my picky tastes and stubborn unwillingness to pay full price for anything, and you have a challenge.

I've been looking for a necklace with red in it for 2 years now... and I've been wanting to acquire something with an owl charm that isn't going to turn me green or make look like I'm wearing a 12 year old's necklace. Enough trips to the clearance racks in EVERY store I go to, and I finally gave up, grabbed my coupons and headed to Joanns. I had the jewelry tool, and I bought a beginners kit of parts and beads years ago to make repairs on some existing jewelry I already had. Plus, after a recent repair, I had some suede rope left. All I needed were some more beads.

Ta-da! My first original piece of jewelry!

You know I never do anything in moderation, right? Here are the 2nd, third, and 4th pieces of jewelry I made. Hobby Lobby had a huge sale on some great beads (50% off!) and I found some long beaded necklaces on clearance for $1 at Walmart, so I had to.

So far, these are for me... but don't be surprised if some end in the Etsy shop soon.
This is too much fun!