Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Cheap Vintage Finds

I ran into Goodwill the other day and found some treasures I wanted to share. I spent less than $9, and came home with all this and a brand new girly plaid shirt. If you can get past the smell of used stuff, you can find some pretty great stuff in a Goodwill. I usually looks for tins, jars, bowls, plates, baskets, buttons, charms, and jewelry beads.

I can't resist a cute jar! I keep them in several spots in my home, including the china cabinet for seasonal candies, bathroom for bath salts, cotton balls, and q-tips, and in my scrapbook room for paper flower accents and buttons.

I've been collecting these state/city plates for a few years. I have Florida, Wisconsin, and Denver- and I could not resist the California one. The New Mexico was attached, sold together, but I'm sure it will be cute on the wall with the rest. I see them as wall art in a garden room I hope have at our next house...

This umbrella looks to be truly vintage. It could be remake, or new, but nevertheless, I love it. And I really needed an umbrella!
I also stopped at my first rumage sale of the season last week. These two bowls were a $1.50 each. I love their Easter hues. I see them in my garden room also, perhaps the small blue one holding a succulent, and the other one holding pinecones or something... blue one has a crack, but it doesn't bother me one bit. My favorite part- the green bowl looks exactly like one I saw at an antique mall that was WAY overpriced at $30. It's not made by any specific company, and wasn't worth the $30 at all. This one was much better. I love junk!

Happy Hunting!


Melaney said...

Great finds! I wish I would take the time to go to Goodwill more often.

Jamie said...

I've been making a better habit of it lately. It is paying off. Lots of little goodies.