Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Man

Hunter spent 3 days last week so sick. He was fighting a fever of 100-103 on/off, and we were piggy backing "i-e-pro-en" and "ty-weh-nol" and adding ice to a pack he kept on his forehead all week. He was such a trooper! He's finally back to his old self, and last night he made this awesome "zoo," from Lincoln Logs, popsicle sticks, and a random Cookie Monster figurine. This "zoo" even had a woodshop.

Today he's been caretaking for me Ben and I, who now both have his sickness. Ben's fighting a fever, and I was up all night sweating and shivering. Today, I have aches in every inch of my body, and have been dozing off on the couch while Boomerang and Thomas the Train tracks have been babysitting Hunter at my side. Hunter has been bringing us water, and letting the dog out. He made Ben lunch. He found some old Toy Story paper plates and napkins from his birthday and brought Ben a plate of Rosemary and Olive Oil Trisquits and a candy cane. With a "Speh-ahl Buh-Lightyear na-kin." (Special Buzz Light year napkin).
Poor Theo is sick, too, and had to sit through meetings all day with a fever. Pooh.

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