Friday, July 30, 2010

Summertime Tradition

In the largest town near us there is a great vintage-looking Frostie Freeze we like to get to at least once a season. The prices are practically vintage, too. We made this trip about 2 weeks ago, the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Summer to you all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pool Time

We finally broke down and bought an $11 pool. I have been reluctant to get a pool because our kids have notoriously broken every pool of the past in a day or less. I set strict rules: once you are in the pool, you stay in until we are done, and mom gets to approve all the toys that go in it! So far, this pool has been worth the $11 we spent, for sure. The kids have spent hours in it!

Happy summer!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dog Park

Last week my husband began serving on our city's Park and Recreation City Council. One of the topics at their first meeting was the local Dog Park, an ongoing project the council has been developing. Theo came home and immediately planned for us to take Laura to the park last weekend.
The Dog Park is set up in two sections, a smaller fenced-in square which will eventually hold some play apparatus for dogs, and a larger seperately fenced-in trail with a pond. The kids and Laura loved the trail!

Laura was wiped out!!

We live so close to this park, we will definately be back for more romping soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth

Perhaps my favorite part of our town is celebrating the Fourth of July in it; we have the greatest little parade, filled with patriotism! I love how the whole community comes together and lines the streets. One local veteran raises thousands of dollar each year to hand out American flags to every kid on the parade route. Magical.

Dad's already holding the flags so the kids can grab all the candy that gets thrown off the floats during the parade.
The face of happiness: Benjamin.

A joyful Hunter:

My favorite float? This taxidermy advertisement was over the top awesome.

Love this old car! Great color!
Hunter shows his loot.

Back at home we eat cupcakes! Rainbow Chip frosting and adorable little red pinwheels.

Later, after a nap attempt, we head up to the park for fireworks. We did have to sit in the car and wait out a little bit of rain, but it stopped in time for the show.

Right before bedtime we let the boys breeze through a box of sparklers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


We accomplished one of the fun things on my Summer To-Do list yesterday. We went for lunch in New Glarus, at our favorite place, The Glarner Stube, and then drove along the Suagr River (catching it in Monticello and heading south) until we found a spot to fish.

We have crossed over the Sugar River on drives to and from Monroe and New Glarus a hundred times and I've always been drawn to it. Perhaps because it's small in width, and seemingly harmless in current. I have always wanted to jump out of the car, and sit along the shore. That's why I added it to the Summer List; I'm glad I did, because we found a wonderful shore spot to sit. The temperature was about 80, and the breeze was incredible. Couldn't have been more perfect. I read a book in my fuzzy leopard print camp chair, and these guys fished.

So peaceful.




I thought I'd have Theo snap a picture of my weight loss progress, also. I have now lost 36 lbs since December 31st. Most of the pants I was wearing when started do not fit, and last year's summer clothes are getting too lose. I was able to button a size 18 this week... given that I was a good solid size 26 when this lifestyle change began, I am happy, happy, happy. I could not be more pleased.
I feel very excited to have gained my strength back. I completed a 5K walk last month, and my back pain is very limited; when I do have problems I know how to handle them with my physical therapy and tens unit. I do have bad days, but they are far less frequent. I am enjoyed playing with food, and keeping myself satisied.
I am averaging about 1.3 lbs a week. I have a long way to go, still 76 lbs until I reach my goal of 190lbs. At this rate, I can hope to be back in my cute 16/18 jeans by late fall/christmas, or sooner. I may be at my goal in time for my 32nd birthday. Most importantly, all symptoms of possible diabetes are gone, and I can walk again!
Happy 4th of July everyone!