Thursday, July 1, 2010

Conversations with Hunter, age 4.

Today, as Hunter and I cuddled up for some much needed nap time, he had some serious, big people-like questions for me.

Hunter: Why do girl-ez sometimes have to wooz weight?
Mommy: Not all girls have to lose weight, mommy just wants to so she can get stronger and chase you better.
Hunter: Why duh Daddy-ez not have to lose weight?
Mommy: Because Daddy is strong enough just the way he is.
Hunter (thinking first): Why mommas love dair baby-ez even when day are big like Daddy?
Mommy: Because mommies always love their babies as much as they do when they are brand new, even when they get to be big people.
Hunter: Mom, why you take Me-Maw's baby from her when you take daddy?
Mommy (laughing): I didn't take Me-Maw's baby! I met daddy when he was a big boy.
Hunter (thinking even longer): Well den, where do fam-uh-weez come from?
Mommy: Two people meet, and like each other, and fall in love and decide to be together forever.
Hunter: Where wah I before you and daddy fall in wuv?
Mommy: No where. Mommy and Daddy fell in love and God gave us a seed, like we plant in the garden. We put the seed in my tummy and I grew you in there. Mommy made you in her belly!
Hunter is satisfied with this answer, and cuddles up to me.

I sigh, relieved to escape anymore questioning. How cute is this?


gina said...

So adorable! Yeah, Bella and I had the penis vs. vagina talk today. Surreal, to say the least. This is precious!

Jamie said...

Nice. I had to have that talk awhile ago. I decided I don't want my boys running around saying "Vagina" just yet, so ladies have a "woo-woo," for now. My girlfriend calls it a "Yatch," which cracks me up!

Jamie said...

We have to talk about penises, or peni, every day. Really.