Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben the Basketball Boy

We went to a friend of the family's graduation party this weekend, and Ben and Hunter got their first taste of basketball on a hard surface. We have a basketball hoop on the grass in the backyard, but having a real hoop, with a hard surface to bounce the ball, was a whole different ballgame, literally.

I never saw Ben's excitement coming! He loooooved it! He ran around the driveway for the longest time, trying to dribble, and making a dozen baskets!

The amount of joy making a basket gave him was pandemonium! He ran like a crazy kid to dad and me to share the news.
The amount of sweat and dirt was alarming for this mama. I was icked-out, and realized what a long life of more ick I have ahead of me!


Misty said...

Add this to my growing pile of evidence that y'all are Kentucky folks at heart. Be encouraged, mama. One of those zillion dollar NBA deals will make up for a lot of grubby afternoons, right? :)

gina said...

Oh my. That last picture tore me up. He looks SOOOOO cute. That is a framer for so! The sweat and dirt totally add to it. I bet it would look awesome in a B&W too!

gina said...
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Jamie said...

Misty, that would be sweet. Real sweet. And yeah, we have a lot of kentucky in us. I think Theo being raised in rural Peoria influences that link significantly.
Gina, I love that shot, too. I don't know about a frame... the sweat really, really, icks me out. lol.