Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family Goals.

These kids love riding their auntie and uncle's four wheeler. It may be one of their favorite things to do. A couple times a year we head down to visit, and, if weather permits, a few quick rides through the farmland surrounding auntie and uncle's house thrills these boys (hubby included) to bits. Kind of rejuvinating, and soul-fulfilling. The country is where we belong.

This has got me thinking.

Theo and I have always wanted more property. Me, so I can garden even more. Him, so he can have a 4-wheeler, hunt, etc. We also don't want to spend the rest of our lives in this ever-aging 116 year old house. Ideally, we could have a larger lot, in a more rural location, in a slightly better home, before the kids are too old to appreciate it. By the time Ben is 8-9 we want him to have a country home to go with his country attitude.

Think of the possibilities. Fishing in a creek or river, like Theo did at 10. Dirt bikes! Their own little football field! Hunting on the back acre? More dogs? The boys' own vegetable garden? Maybe even a little farm stand where we sell our produce? My own cutting garden, where I can trim all the bouquets of flowers without making the flower beds barren. Planting our own little forrest? Creating a woodland trail through it. Clubhouses and tree houses and a garden shed.

In a perfect world we could place his house on the market, and begin packing, but at this moment in time, we are in no financial shape to move. The market is no good for selling our house (we've watched nearly every house around us try and sell, and even some foreclose). But our kiddos are not getting any younger. A plan is in order. This family wants to fulfill their dreams.

**We also know the city could soon (1-2 years) pull eminent domain on our home for a city project, making now the time to start planning for the next move--even if the next move may be a few years away. Nevermind the fact that being a military family we could be moved at any time, we should be prepared.

It's no secret that currently: our credit isn't great. Theo has now been sober for 4 1/2 months, and loves sobriety! In time, we should be able to erase most of the financial errors of his alcoholism, and both our irresponsibilities. The way we see, it, in 2 years we should have pretty good credit again. We have mapped out a plan to improve our credit scores, and plan on him having a few pay raises and me potentially working again when both boys are in grade school (2 more years). Just thinking about all this excites me.

I have to say, sitting down and seeing the brighter future is within grasp, is deeply satisfying.


gina said...

How about we buy a lot with two houses on it? I'd be there in a jiffy. I think starting the planning now is the SMARTEST possible thing you could do. Two years is nothing in the grand scheme of a lifetime. Start the conversations rolling, start dreaming of where it is and what it's going to look like....before you know it, it'll happen! And I'm gonna matter where it is :)

gina said...
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Misty said...

When's the last time I told you, you make me proud? Even though by many measures you're more grown up than me, even though I look up to YOU in a lot of ways, you'll always be my babygirl. XOXOXO

Jamie said...

Gina, you're right. It feels so good to be working towards a goal! And to hear my husband chime in with the enthusiasm he has... he's inspiring!
Misty, thank you. I need to hear things like that right now. :) I love you!