Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First ever T-ball practice.

For me, the most sentimental parts of my kiddos' lives thus far have been first words, first day of pre-school, first signed Mother's Day cards. For Theo, I think, the first day of T-ball practice marked an emotional and exciting stepping stone. In fact, from his baseball-centric viewpoint, I think this may have been his best day as a father yet. The occasion was even more special since dad got to play "Coach Theo" to twelve little kids.

The boys loved finding the field, and watching dad lug out his the water jug, and round up the balls and bases.

I love this picture of my boys so much!

Ben, learning to stretch.

I have to say, watching Theo struggle to keep 12 kids attentions was wonderfully entertaining! he was exhausted afterward! So many more twice a week practices to come, too.
Happy Summer to you!

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